West Mercia Police continues to address male violence against women and girls with their latest campaign to support students in the area.

As a joint project with all of the colleges and universities in Herefordshire, West Mercia Police have undertaken an initiative to support students with a month-long campaign aimed at tackling violence and the fear of violence against women and girls in the county.

Through the Safer Streets project, West Mercia Police have produced and provided a pack of media assets along with merchandise to be shared with students throughout February to raise awareness of Violence Against Women and Girls, this also coincides with Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week from 6-12th February.

Inspector Julz Watson says: “The safer streets project aims to reduce Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and raise awareness about unacceptable behaviour towards women and girls.

Males are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of sexual harassment in public places and it is believed that at times they are unaware that their behaviour is unacceptable and has made a woman or girl uncomfortable.

This student focused campaign aims to start a conversation that challenges ideas around the acceptability of sexual harassment in public places.

We encourage family, friends and peers to step up, speak up and challenge an unacceptable behaviour.”

It’s not OK.

Downloadable assets are below.

As seen online in The Hereford Times and at Your Herefordshire.

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To read Chief Constanble Pippa Mills’ statement –  following release of a report into culture and standards in March 2023 – within the Metropolitan Policewhich pertains to our work supporting women and girls, please click here.

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